Interactive Exercises for Speech Therapy

What Is It?

SpeakTX is a platform with interactive exercises for anyone seeking to improve their speech.

Who Is It for?

SpeakTX exercises can be useful for anyone seeking to improve their speech.

A client can do the exercises either alone or together with a tutor.

As of early April 2020 over 130 schools and kindergartens in Estonia are using Kõ – the Estonian version of SpeakTX.

What Is It Good for?

The SpeakTX exercises have a number of benefits:

What Are the Exercises Like?

A user can select and perform a wide variety of exercises. These are grouped into categories, such as speech automatisms, pronunciation, words, vocabulary, phrases, sentences, text, grammar, reading, and writing. Multiple exercises for each category provide variation to keep the user interested and actively involved in their therapy sessions.

Word Repetition
Sentence Repetition
Two-word Repetition
Picture Labeling
Picture Identification
Picture-Verb Matching
Sentence Reading Comprehension

How Much Does It Cost?

Sign up for an account and get started with free trial! You can choose between three types of subscriptions, should you want to have a more long-term access to the exercises.

Who's Behind It?

Kõ was launched in 2013 as a result of cooperation between Cognuse LLC and six Estonian speech therapists. It was originally meant as a tool to support the traditional methods of speech therapy, and its main purpose was to provide interactive exercises for children and aphasia patients. Various groups of people were engaged in its development from early on, such as people with speech disorders and their associations, the Estonian Association of Speech Therapists, as well as hospitals and private businesses. The wider aim is to make the speech therapy service more effective and more widely available in Estonia.

The platform is currently available in Estonian only. Its English version – SpeakTX – will be launched in early May 2020.

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